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Andrea | 23 | Germany
Reader, writer, cookie biter.
Working as an SEO/A project manager for a company up North. Graduate of the English-Speaking Cultures and Cultural Studies. I write fanfic and
post it on AO3, I write TV and
movie reviews and post them on wordpress. Writing an
impassioned magazine-style
piece on Sherlock for a copy test practically got me my job.

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hints of a darker side to the eleventh doctor

Rory mourning the Doctor killed me the most, ‘cause he might have been sceptical and rightly pissed at him, but he came to love him so much; and they’re so alike, Rory being even older now, and he understands so much. And he knows how much Amy loves him, and it kills him to see that wonderful man torn apart by his own self-hatred.

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