call me auntie thorin
Andrea | 23 | Germany
Reader, writer, cookie biter.
Working as an SEO/A project manager for a company up North. Graduate of the English-Speaking Cultures and Cultural Studies. I write fanfic and
post it on AO3, I write TV and
movie reviews and post them on wordpress. Writing an
impassioned magazine-style
piece on Sherlock for a copy test practically got me my job.

Hello there.
Hello there, Andrea! So, um, we don't even know each other but honestly, your fics have been making my day. I check your archive every day before I leave for uni and every day you've written something new. Thank you so much for that! ♥ Grüße aus dem schönen Konstanz ;-)

Hello there! Thank you so, so much; that’s a huge reward! I’m glad you like the series and that the fics brighten your workday :)

Grüße aus Ottawa ;)

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