Andrea | 24 | Germany
Reader, writer, cookie biter.
Working as an SEO/A project manager for a company up North. Graduate of the English-Speaking Cultures and Cultural Studies. I write fanfic and post it on AO3, I write TV and movie reviews and post them on wordpress. Writing an impassioned magazine-style piece on Sherlock for a copy test practically got me my job.
007. I'm your new Quartermaster.
You must be joking.
Hello there, Andrea! So, um, we don't even know each other but honestly, your fics have been making my day. I check your archive every day before I leave for uni and every day you've written something new. Thank you so much for that! ♥ Grüße aus dem schönen Konstanz ;-)

Hello there! Thank you so, so much; that’s a huge reward! I’m glad you like the series and that the fics brighten your workday :)

Grüße aus Ottawa ;)

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